About Indian Community Church

Indian Community Church exists for the sole purpose of obeying and glorifying God's commandment of making disciples and bringing people to a saving knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ. ICC was established in 1996 by God through Pastor Herold Pagadala, a Church planting minister with a small group of 5 believers completely guided by the Holy Spirit and committed to serve the Lord. Ever since, its formation ICC has been helping every believer to grow in their faith and walk with our Heavenly Father. More and more people have come to hear the preaching of God's Word and many continue to believe and accept Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

In the last 20 years, God has enabled the church to grow not only in numbers but to also to minister to children, youth and adults through its blessed ministries. Praise the Lord! It has been truly amazing to see the Lord do marvelous works in the lives of our people!

Our Statement of purpose - Implementing the Four C's

Celebrate the Glory of God by worshipping our Lord both publicly and privately

Worship is to be God-centered! Our worship service is designed to reveal God through the ministry of the Word and the presence of the Holy Spirit. When God is revealed, we respond to Him! Our response to our great God is our worship. Worship should give the sense that God is high, holy and distant-that God is transcendent. Worship also ought to instill a sense of God's nearness to his children-that God is imminent.

We believe that our worship should not only be God-centered, but simple and reverent. Everything that we do should point the worshipers to Christ and be God-honoring. We also believe that our families should worship together in their homes. We strive to provide encouragement and resources to families so that they may daily lead their families to the throne of God.

Cultivate personal growth in Christ as we teach the living word and train in discipleship.

"I am growing in my faith: in knowledge, intimacy with God and application of HIS truth to my life A commitment to spiritual growth is crucial to a person's development in the Christian life. This means developing a life that is a reflection of Christ by learning more about the Word, growing in one's prayer life, intimacy with GOD and in everything applying what you learn.

We believe that Christian discipleship is the process by which disciples grow in the Lord Jesus Christ and are equipped by the Holy Spirit, who resides in our hearts, to overcome the pressures and trials of this present life and become more and more Christ like. This process requires believers to respond to the Holy Spirit's prompting to examine their thoughts, words and actions and compare them with the Word of God. We encourage each other to be in the Word daily studying it, praying over it, and obeying it. In addition, we should always be ready to give testimony of the reason for the hope that is within us and to disciple others to walk in His way.

Connect with the body of Christ as we fellowship by sharing our life in Christ.

We belong to Jesus Christ! We are individual members of the one body of Christ, and collectively a voluntary congregation of believers. The only consideration for inclusion in the full measure of fellowship in this spiritual community is one's membership in the body of Christ. Nothing else is required. All members of the body of Christ in the community are encouraged to exercise their God-given spiritual gifts for the building up of the entire body of Christ whether within this specific community or any other.

We strive to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace with all our brethren. Together we serve, share, worship, work and play. We love the Lord God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbors as ourselves.

Contributing to the work of ministry through use of our spiritual gifts.

"I am serving through the use of my abilities, time and resources". Finally it is our desire at ICC to see every believer contributing to the work of the ministry in the special way that GOD has designed them. We believe God has given every believer special abilities and that he/she has an opportunity to use them. We believe that God has called us to take the faith given to us and to carry it into the world. We also believe that God calls us to care for one another, but also for the stranger in the world.

We encourage each of our members to take the Gospel to their spheres of influence, acting as salt and light in the world. Every encounter with people is a potential moment for the redemptive work of God. Personal evangelism and engagement of the world is a must for each Christian!

We believe that the Holy Spirit empowers and guides us in our ministries and that wherever there's need and suffering, we meet Christ, already at work. But still, we cannot be effective in ministry on our own. So the congregation exists, in part, to surround and support each member in his or her ministry.

You are invited to worship with us...grow with us... and also to serve with us!